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Success Driving School, recognized by the AQTr & SAAQ, offers a variety of services that fit the needs of our students while maintaining a good quality. We adapt to new technology and new teaching methods.

Education program - Passenger vehicle (Class 5)

Are you a beginner (no previous driving experience)?

This course (mandatory in Quebec) is for all new drivers, regardless of age. It includes four phases of learning in which theory and practice alternate. The program totals 24 hours of theory in the classroom and 15 hours of practice on the road. The five guiding principles of this course are alternation between theory and practice, at-risk behaviours, OEA driving strategy, independent driving and eco-driving. Each student receives an attestation when the course has been completed successfully at Success.

Road-test preparation - Accompanied Driving

Stressed about your road-test at SAAQ?

Need few hours of on-road practice to improve your weak points?


Boost your confidence & get ready for your road-test with this exclusive & intensive program. Driving monitor will prepare you using the road-test checklist : turns, blind spots, lane changes, parking, OEA, safety margin, right-of-way and much more. Practices are given on the actual exam route & in the vehicle that you will use during your road-test. Yes, put all your chance on your side! This program is highly recommended for foreign driver's licence exchangers. This prepares you better, plus gives you a feel for what to expect the day of the road test.

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License exchange

You are an experienced driver with a foreign driver's license and would like to obtain a Quebec driver's licence?

Yes, we are here to walk you through the whole process. Since you know how to drive but need a little help on certain driving techniques used in Quebec, our instructors within couple of hours will show you what you need to ace your tests on your first try.

Refresher Practical Course - Winter driving

You have your driver's licence but not confident enough to face the road alone? Or due to some situations, you didn't drive for so long? Or you would like to learn more on some challenging driving situations (winter driving, highway driving, downtown driving)? 


This course is for you. Brush up your driving skills and overcome your fears with help of an experienced instructor by your side.

Exam car rental

Need a car for your road-test?

Exam cars are available for your road-test at SAAQ. Feeling comfortable behind the wheel during the road-test is crucial. Each car drives a little differently. Eliminate this stress by renting the same car you've practiced with. Our vehicles are fully insured, equipped with dual brake system and regularly inspected by SAAQ. 

Refresher Theory Course

Not ready for your knowledge test?

Individual and/or group theoretical classes are offered to prepare for the knowledge test at SAAQ. Lectures, quizzes, simulation exercises and group discussions are the options available.

Private Driving Class for senior

Worried about aging process affecting your driving?

Aging can alter some physical and mental abilities – like vision, hearing and ability to react quickly – which can affect your driving. To ensure your safety and the safety of the other road users, get assessed by a certified monitor to find out how your driving is affected. A refresher course will help you adopt or resume safe driving habits.

Our Courses

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