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To register for Road Safety Education Program (driving course for beginners), fill out the form below. One of our team member will contact you to inform about the payment method. Online classes are now available for beginners.

Road Safety Education Program
$849 + tx

Road Safety Education Program

Complete this form to register for Class 5 Passenger vehicle driver's license course.

Please read our terms and conditions below before you fill out the form.


Please read carefully to avoid any miscommunication. 

Success Driving school doesn't have any hidden fees. All the possible additional charges are listed here.

Payment plan

Student has the option to pay in six equal payments.

If the payment plan is not respected, late fee will be charged.


By courtesy, École de conduite Succès accept the first payment by credit card at no cost. The remaining payments must be paid by cash or debit. Students are asked to pay in person during our opening hours and keep record of their payment.



Maximum duration of this contract is 18 month(s) (550 days) from the date of issue. If the balance is not paid in full during this period, a price adjustment could be made by the school. It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of the contract expiration date. École de conduite Succès is not obligated to remind the student of when his/her contract is coming to an end.

The contract renewal fee is $90+tx and will be charged only if the student didn’t complete the course before the end of the contract. École de conduite Succès will provide additional 6 months to complete the course. Contract cancellation fee is $50.


The student must obtain an up-to-date (7th edition), blank Driving under control book (Road Access Binder) before beginning the course, which is available at École de conduite Succès. The book fee is not included in the course price. Books are neither refundable nor exchangeable. Student must bring the book at each theory class.


It is the student’s responsibility to note the date and time of the theory and driving appointments. École de conduite Succès is not obligated to remind the student about his/her classes.

It’s also student’s responsibility to send an email to school to request an appointment for an in-car session after each module starting from phase 2. The school is not obligated to contact the student to remind/offer an appointment.


The student must inform the school of a practical lesson cancellation no later than 24 hours before (working days) the lesson or is subject to a fine of $40.00 / session for in-car lesson and $15.29 / h for theory lesson before taxes (see your contract for updated info). The student must send an email to cancel/change the scheduled session.

If the student is sick, he/she must bring a doctor’s note. With the note, the retake fee will be waived fully for theory lesson only. Practical session will continue to be charged at $40 / session before taxes (see your contract for updated info).


A student arriving more than 5 minutes late to a practical session or 10 minutes late to a theoretical class is considered absent. The retake fee will be applied.

Student must carry a valid learner’s permit on him/her when attending a practical session. The student cannot drive if his/her learner’s permit is expired or do not carry on him/her. The retake fee ($40+tx) will apply in this case (see your contract for updated info). It’s the student’s responsibility to keep track of the expiration date of his/her learner’s permit.

École de conduite Succès reserves the right to postpone or cancel courses within 24 hours in case of extreme weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances out of control. The student will be notified by phone or email.


To end the contract, the student must submit a cancellation form to École de conduite Succès. Cancellation will be processed by respecting the terms established by Consumer protection Act. The cancellation fee will be applied and the refund will be given in the event the contract is not expired.

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